Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fish Oil Benefit

Fish oil : The Exclusive source of vitamins and nutrition.

Do you know the cardiovascular diseases are least in Eskimos living in North pole of the planet, why ?

The answer is very short : They eat lots of sea fish, and fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids with Vit-D and all other vitamins, Fish oil is most potential for keeping cardiovascular system protected.
  1. Improves insulin efficiency
  2. Increases brain health
  3. Enhances heart health by maintaining elasticity of cardio tissue
  4. Helps the heart beat in a strong and healthy way
  5. Ensures efficient heart function so that this key organ will last longer
  6. Increases lean body mass
  7. Increases metabolism by up to 400Kcal/day
  8. Reduced inflammation within muscle and connective tissue
  9. Improves fat burning
  10. Important for cell membrane structure and essential for proper brain function 
  11. Prevents excessive muscle breakdown
  12. Improves nervous system function
  13. Contains antioxidants and there benefits. [Link]



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